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Am I using the site wrongly?

I use the link:

So – I end up on a page that is

a) 2/3 of the top of the screen is static data and not relevant

b) around 1/5 of the screen on the right looks like “advertising” – other stuff, may be useful, but not necessarily for an online course

c) the actual “course content” is about 1/2 the screen width and needs serious scrolling down.

This is not very user friendly overall?  It feels much more like a web page rather than a learning course – or is that just me?

So far the MOOC is “challenging”!


Well, so far, so – “challenging”!  It is really hard to find where the course actually is – I keep re-logging in and jumping all over the place – not clear to see where my enrolled class(es) are from the home page, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it!  As one of the participants on the H806 course in 2003, I got used to experiencing new learning forums (they built one around us during the course itself!) – and will get used to this one eventually! 

What do I want from this course?  I know of MOOCs but haven’t done one; I’m interested in open / distance learning and how it is evolving; I’m an online tutor for a Birkbeck course at present, and wish I knew more about how better to facilitate the discussions; general interest! 

Entering a tag

This is to see how I enter a tag


more work on this is probably needed – for example, exactly HOW you “enter a tag”? <grin>

Hello world!

This is a general blog for education purposes, and general “stuff”

I hope to study the OU MOOC H817 on open education – to do this requires a blog – so this is the blog!